The end of an era : Canon stops selling last film camera


The end of the ability to buy a brand new (unused but stored for eight years) Canon EOS-1v is a notable, nostalgic moment for the company and Canon photographers. Canon hasn’t produced a new film camera since 2010 but continued to sell the SLR from the remaining stock over eight years. An official announcement from Canon Japan gives the EOS-1V a casual death. “By the way,” the Google translated support page reads, “we are finally decided to end sales for the film single reflex camera EOS -1v.”

The company will continue to repair the film camera until 2025 unless parts run out. ”

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Why let the law stand in your way? The cities of #Richmond and #Portsmouth have decided to ignore the laws of the Commonwealth of #Virginia. #CivilWar

And just a few years ago Virginia CELEBRATED the Civil War … spent a fortune doing so
Why let the law stand in your way? The cities of Richmond and Portsmouth have decided to ignore the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. They know that moving war monuments violates that law, yet they are both moving forward with plans to do just that. They know that there is a court case in Charlottesville. They know that 6 attempts in the State House and Senate to change that law were defeated. None of this has slowed them down in their efforts. I know this for a fact because I am there as often as possible to hear them make their hateful proposals.

The Portsmouth case made no sense what so ever. The City of Portsmouth dragged the Stonewall Camp # 380 into court for absolutely no reason. Neither the City Attorney nor the Judge in the case could even define what the case was about. The ruling was nothing that all parties were not already aware of. For the past few decades, no one has been able to determine just who does own the Portsmouth Confederate Monument. The Judge in this case was also not able to make that determination. Out of pure vindictiveness, the City of Portsmouth caused the Stonewall Camp the burden of unnecessary legal fees to defend something that did not even need defending.