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Ellis has given prosecutors two weeks to show what evidence they have that Manafort was complicit in colluding with the Russians. If they can’t come up with any, he may, presumably, dismiss the case. Ellis also asked the special counsel’s office to share privately with him a copy of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein’s August 2017 memo elaborating on the scope of Mueller’s Russia probe. He said the current version he has been heavily redacted.

Green Berets Are Now On The Ground Assisting The Saudi War On Yemen In “A Marked Escalation”, by Tyler Durden


The above is the most predictable headline of the year…so far. With the feckless Saudis unable to bomb Yemen into submission, it was only a matter of time before the Saudis’ BFF, the US, would start sending troops to Yemen to “help them out.” From Tyler Durden at

Once again a creeping, years’ long shadow war is expanding from indirect proxy intervention to direct engagement, complete with US “boots on the ground” where no American ground forces were previously thought to exist.

And it’s not Syria, or Libya, or central Africa where the now familiar pattern played out before, but in the Arabian peninsula where the Pentagon has long claimed to merely coordinate intelligence, refuel jets, and provide logistical support to the Saudis which have been bombing Yemen since March of 2015.

On Thursday The New York Times revealed for the first time that US special forces have been…

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Remember Thom Tillis in the Next Primary Election | NCRenegade

I hope that people will see that Mr. Tillis does not represent North Carolina or our future: he represents the political elite who comprise the Deep State. His lack of understanding of the Constitution and the rule of law is on display for all to see.

David DeGerolamo