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6 years ago today, we kicked off this joint. Mostly because we were tired of being banned from the S&M sites for pointing out leftist lunacy and idiocy in our own pointed style. Each year the viewership has grown. As such, we assume the public has an appetite for Tourette’s fueled graphical type attempts at humor similar to what we strive for here on a regular basis. We intend to continue the production in the hopes we might feed some sad, poor soul, desperate for a giggle. Thanks for coming to look!


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Found this in the dictionary under “Irony”


ThumbnailSocial justice warrior caught in his own #Metoo moment.

Doesn’t matter who you are. Break the law, abuse your power & hurt New Yorkers, & we will hold you accountable.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office said on Monday night that they were probing Attorney General Eric Schneiderman after explosive assault allegations were launched against him in a New Yorker article.

“Our office has opened an investigation into the recently reported allegations concerning Mr. Schneiderman,” said a spokesman for District Attorney Cy Vance.

A law enforcement source told The Post that according to allegations being levied against Schneiderman, the highest possible charge would likely be misdemeanor assault. A second source said the choking allegations could result in a separate felony charge.Four women accuse Schneiderman of sexual harassment, abuse

Oddly enough, Schneiderman had been…

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When Just Owning a Gun Makes You “Crazy”

The Tactical Hermit

Implications of “mental-health purges” aka: gun violence restraining ordersfrom a friend in a position to know:

“In the former Soviet Union, this was commonly known among the general population as ‘going crazy.’

Many a Russian thus suddenly ‘went crazy,’ was then visited by the KGB, and subsequently disappeared for prolonged periods.

Most were never seen again!

The State alone (KGB) decided who was ‘crazy,’ and who wasn’t, and there was no such thing as an appeal process, nor a ‘second opinion!’

After you were imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, starved, drugged, and neglected (sometimes for years), you might be returned to your family (assuming you had been broken sufficiently by their methods), when you managed to live through it.

As noted, most didn’t!

What liberal snowflakes in our generation don’t realize is that the exact same anti-gun laws they are currently promoting will be expanded and applied here, just…

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Knife Groups, Social Media Platforms


As a member of one or more of the above, I feel I am qualified to comment on all of them.

On Facebook, boasting over 1.5 Billion users, there are thousands of public, closed or yes even secret groups. Everything from a Forged in Fire group, to hundreds of knife groups, one for every Brand of knife, Buck, Case etc one for virtually every custom Knifemaker, one for every knife dealer as well as a group for old knives or left handed knives, or country knives or Regions of the country, yes, budget knives, exclusive knives….I’m exhausted just thinking about all this.

The point is there are as many knife groups on Facebook as there are knives. Pretty sure every tid bit is covered. Always wanted to use that word and finally got it in. And each has an admin or two whose only job is to get posts about…

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Relevant quotes for these times….

Libertas and Latte

“It is something sitting down the street in the Reich Chancellery, lonesomely bent over a great desk, drawing lines on maps, dreaming big dreams of world conquest.

It is crowded around in a circle in Warsaw, racking its brains in an attempt to outguess Hitler.

It is gathered in a church in England, asking God for guidance at this fatal hour.

It is walking in the fields of France, where anxious eyes are trained on the secret hills across the Rhine.

It is in a thousand history books, in a million dispatches of ambassadors to their governments, in hundreds of capitals over the world, in the opinions of men talking excitedly on street corners, in the hearts of mothers and in the wild hopes of their sons.

It lies in the whims of the bosses, the whims of the dictators, the caprices of their women. War is the biggest thing…

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Free North Carolina: #NC 28 Illegal Aliens Arrested for Child Rape Last Month @NCFIREJames

Total number of illegal immigrants arrested for child sex crimes in 2018 is 69.
North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement released their April report that documents the number of child rapes committed by illegal immigrants.

April report that documents the number of child rapes committed by illegal immigrants.