Is Putin Winning the War of Attrition with the U.S.? by Tom Luongo

Putin’s very prudent means of getting Russia’s own house in order put her in the position to outlast the U.S. who will, over the next few years have to retreat or destroy the world.


If Russia and China are at “war” with the US, they probably only have to sit back, wait, and hope the US government continues doing what it’s been doing the last few decades. From Tom Luongo at

The news that President Donald Trump offered to hold a meeting with his counterpart in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, has the political world in an uproar.

Furiously keyboards are chattering away as laptop bombardiers are worried that perpetual war for perpetual empire will end if Trump and Putin see eye to eye on anything.

From the bowels of MI-6 to the think tanks that line K Street schemes are hatched to make it politically unacceptable for Trump to do what he apparently did, if TASS is to be believed.

If true, the offer represents the biggest shift in U.S./Russian relations since Trump’s election and the subsequent hissy fit thrown by his political…

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Spyderco, an interview


Spyderco Founder Sal Glesser and his son Eric. When they speak, with the market they control, it is beneficial to listen. They have an eye on the future and also pay attention to social media and buying trends. Once again the knife industry is changing. Ordering direct, custom builds, the ability to take your knife apart for cleaning or to add aftermarket upgrades, the option of having parts of your knife anodized, it’s all evolving! This video was from Knife Center. For more information or to buy Spyderco check:

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