Hero of the week : James Comey


What a typical cop this asshole is How does Trump like all of his “Law and Order” B.S. now? The highest LEO’s in the nation, lying, conspiring and doing as they damn well please All to bring down his presidency Bet he is surprised But then again I am sure that Trump has never been […]

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#ICE arrests 12 people in western #NorthCarolina


Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested about a dozen people in western North Carolina on Saturday, according Bryan Cox, a spokesman for ICE.

Cox said the majority of the unlawfully present foreign nationals arrested have criminal convictions beyond their immigration status or are illegal re-entrants, which means they reentered the United States after a previous deportation.

Austin Flake, ex-wife Logan, sue Joe Arpaio | Seeing Red AZ

Rising once again from the depths of icy obscurity — revived by the alluring scent of money — Jeff Flake’s son and his former bride who has reclaimed her maiden name of Brown, are still a cozy couple when it comes to trying to cash in on the dogs who died in their care. SRAZ has written extensively about the gruesome heat related deaths of nearly two dozen family pets entrusted to the care of Austin and his then-wife Logan (nee Brown) Flake, when Logan‘s parents, who owned the Gilbert kennel, were vacationing in Florida.

CURRENT EVENTS: Clear Signs of a Growing Tyranny Hidden Inside the Facebook Story


Congress called Faceboook CEO, Mark Zuckergbr, to ‘testify‘ today regarding Facebook’s role in the Cambridge University data mining ‘scandal.’  I say ‘testify‘ because — according to reports — Zuckergerb was not placed under oath.  This means he was not under any threat of perjury, which means he was free to say whatever he wished.  I say ‘scandal‘ because — in spite of claims to the contrary — people praised the Obama campaign for their ‘technical savvy’ when they were allowed to ‘suck up’ the whole of Facebook’s user data to help Obama win his elections.  This means the people at the highest levels of our government are picking and choosing who has ‘broken’ the law.  In truth, what we saw today was less about fact finding or the rule of law and more about putting on a good piece of political theater. …

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