Shomari Legghette and the Gun Control Debate

markE watkins

The “National School Walkout,” accompanied by massive positive media coverage, is now in the books. As I’m writing this the “grassroots” effort are continuing as charter buses across the country are heading to Washington, DC for the March 24th “March for Our Lives.” All with a call to do somethingabout gun violence.

Recently announce Planned Parenthood and the American Humanist Organization, will be joining the “grassroots” march also various gun control groups and the organizers of the “Women’s March” have been behind the efforts from the beginning.

Using Students as Political Props — Michael Ramirez at GoComics

“Thousands of Chicago-area students took part in a nationwide walkout from school on Wednesday, calling for immediate action to prevent gun violence.”

Students in Chicago also took part in the National School Walkout which, for no known reason also including the trashing of a neighborhood Walmart.

This brings me to the case of Shomari…

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Plight of Phoenix: how long can the world’s ‘least sustainable’ city survive? by Joanna Walters


A lot of plans are on the drawing board, especially in California and the Southwest, that assume plentiful water. That is no longer a valid assumption. From Joanna Walters at

Jennifer Afshar and her husband, John, pushed their bikes across the grass and paused to savour the sunshine, while their two boys went to look at the duck pond. Other kids were playing soccer or doing tricks in the skate park, and families picnicked on blankets or fired up a barbecue across from the swimming pool.

“We moved here from Los Angeles, to get away from the rising cost of living and the traffic,” said Jennifer. “When we saw this park, we thought they were punking us it was so good. There’s low crime, the home owners association takes great care of the grass and trees – we like it.”

The Afshars live in the squeaky-clean suburb of…

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The Debtor’s Prism, by Lance Roberts


You can get so used to debt and opiates that you can fool yourself into thinking the highs they produce are normal. From Lance Roberts at

As noted by Robert Schroeder:

“Last week, the debt hit $21 trillion for the first time, rising from the $20 trillion mark it notched on Sept. 8. The debt is guaranteed to go higher, with President Donald Trump having signed a debt-limit suspension in February, allowing unlimited borrowing through March 1, 2019. Economists expect wider deficits to result from the tax cut Trump signed in December.

While a trillion-dollar increase over roughly six months isn’t unprecedented — there was one in 2009…

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Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump or Cambridge Analytica, Is Gaslighting America, by Nick Gillespie

I learned something


Donald Trump’s campaign may have used Facebook in 2016 as effectively as Barack Obama’s campaign used it 2012. Suddenly, Facebook poses a threat to democracy and the electoral process. It didn’t back in 2012, of course, at least if you’re a Democrat. From Nick Gillespie at

The election of Donald Trump hasn’t just brought a poorly mannered reality TV star into the Oval Office and our newsfeeds. It has also popularized the concept of gaslighting, or tricking rational people into thinking they’re insane. The phrase is a reference to a 1944 movie in which Charles Boyer tries to convince his young bride, played by Ingrid Bergman, that she’s nuts so he can cover up a murder and search for jewels hidden in the house they share (the house’s gas lamps flicker due to Boyer’s late-night searches, hence the title).

Go Google “Donald Trump is gaslighting America” and…

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What’s happening in South Africa

Cry and Howl

A little tid-bit here to make you aware of what some of Obama’s “sons” are up to in South Africa.

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In France, Free-Speech Is On Trial, by Robbie Travers


Great Britain is not the only country in Europe muzzling critics of Islamic immigration and crime. From Robbie Travers at

  • Is the real, secret, goal of the French state to have no one who disagrees with it speak out?
  • Marine Le Pen did not suggest that all Muslims are terrorists. She did not suggest that anyone should use violence against Muslims. She did not even suggest that French people should take action against Islam.
  • Marine Le Pen should not be prosecuted for alerting the French to the dangers of an organisation that still threatens to invade their capital and murder their children.

“Free speech can’t just apply to those you agree with,” the editor of Spiked Online, Brendan O’Neill, once said. Politically correct speech does not need protecting. The United States’ First Amendment exists precisely to protect the minority from the majority and to protect unpopular opinions from…

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Is the United Kingdom an Islamist Colony? by Tom Quiggin


Once upon a time the British empire colonized much of the Middle East. Now it looks the reverse may be happening. From Tom Quiggin at

  • If the gang members were “Asian,” records were not kept. Such is the cowardice and criminal negligence of the police involved.
  • These Sharia courts mean that the legal system of a foreign political ideology, Islam, has created a parallel legal system in which Sharia is placed above English common law. It is thought that some 30 to 85 Sharia courts are operating in England and Wales alone.
  • “The Muslim Brotherhood’s foundational texts call for the progressive moral purification of individuals and Muslim societies and their eventual political unification in a Caliphate under Sharia law. To this day the Muslim Brotherhood characterises Western societies and liberal Muslims as decadent and immoral. It can be seen primarily as a political project.” — Prime Minister…

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Heroes of the week March 21 2018 : Cops arrested for assault, murder, child porn and more

Deborah Lee Jarrett

Story image for officer arrested from

Oklahoma City police officer arrested after investigators discover …

kfor.comMar 16, 2018
OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City police officer was arrested after investigators discovered the officer was allegedly involved in criminal activity. The Oklahoma City Police Department investigated Sergeant Christopher Shubert, a 13-year veteran of department, after learning he allegedly used his …
Story image for officer arrested from

Man arrested for assaulting police officer, resisting arrest

KFYR-TVMar 19, 2018
Police say Hughes initially complied, but then hit an officer in the face. Police deployed an electrical immobilizing device three times before getting Hughes into custody. Hughes was hospitalized and then taken to jail. Hughes was arrested for assault on a peace officer, fleeing a police officer, preventing …
Story image for officer arrested from Washington Post

Maryland police officer arrested on federal mail-fraud charges

Washington PostMar 16, 2018
A Prince George’s County police officer was arrested Friday after being indicted on federal mail-fraud charges, authorities…

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They blow up so fast…


Austin bomber dead in explosion

“ROUND ROCK, Tex. — The suspected serial bomber who terrorized Austin with a slew of exploding packages died early Wednesday after detonating another explosive device in his vehicle as police closed in on him, authorities said.

Austin police and the FBI tracked the 24-year-old male to a hotel parking lot in Round Rock, about 18 miles north of Austin, where they found him inside his vehicle, Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said. Officers wanted to wait for tactical units to arrive before engaging the suspect, but he started to drive away.

The man stopped on the side of the Interstate 35 frontage road, Manley said. As Austin SWAT officers approached, the suspect detonated a bomb, knocking one of the officers backward and injuring him, Manley said.”

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‘The first casualty’: NRA broadsides Florida House Speaker for gun control ‘betrayal’


“MIAMI — The National Rifle Association accused outgoing Florida House Speaker and likely gubernatorial candidate Richard Corcoran of a “betrayal” on Monday for his role in passing a gun control law for the first time since Republicans won control of the Florida Legislature two decades ago.

“Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran (R) is adding insult to injury by calling the betrayal of law-abiding firearms owners ‘one of the greatest Second Amendment victories we’ve ever had,’” NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer said in a legislative update sent to members and posted on the website of the NRA’s lobbying arm.

“One of the greatest Second Amendment victories we’ve ever had,” she wrote again for emphasis, “NOT !!!!!!”

Hammer made clear that, though the law in question helps end “gun free zones” at many public schools, she and the NRA do not believe that the new three-day waiting period and 21-year age limit…

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