Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump or Cambridge Analytica, Is Gaslighting America, by Nick Gillespie

I learned something


Donald Trump’s campaign may have used Facebook in 2016 as effectively as Barack Obama’s campaign used it 2012. Suddenly, Facebook poses a threat to democracy and the electoral process. It didn’t back in 2012, of course, at least if you’re a Democrat. From Nick Gillespie at reason.com:

The election of Donald Trump hasn’t just brought a poorly mannered reality TV star into the Oval Office and our newsfeeds. It has also popularized the concept of gaslighting, or tricking rational people into thinking they’re insane. The phrase is a reference to a 1944 movie in which Charles Boyer tries to convince his young bride, played by Ingrid Bergman, that she’s nuts so he can cover up a murder and search for jewels hidden in the house they share (the house’s gas lamps flicker due to Boyer’s late-night searches, hence the title).

Go Google “Donald Trump is gaslighting America” and…

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