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December 6 saw the 100th anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence from Russia, hailed by the leftist Guardian newspaper as a social democratic “triumph.” [The Guardian view on Finland’s centenary: a social democratic triumph, December 5, 2017] Yet everything is falling apart and is doing so at breakneck speed as mass Third World immigration has suddenly overwhelmed a once-unified nation. Political consensus is disintegrating—recently, the government felt obliged to ban the “Nordic Resistance Movement” because of “hate speech” i.e. not violence but merely opposition to immigration [Finnish court bans neo-Nazi group, Reuters, November 30, 2017].

As recently as 2003, nobody could have called Finland a multicultural society. Its nationalist party, True Finns, was a political minnow, with just three seats in Finland’s 200-member, proportional-representation parliament. There were people in rural towns who’d literally never seen a non-European. About 80% of the population were paid up members of the Finnish Lutheran Church. Finland was a stultifying, boring, conformist place, and that’s how they liked it.

Finland was a kind of European Japan: an intelligent (the highest IQ in Europe according to research in 2014), efficient, trusting, and extraordinarily cooperative people who, precisely because nobody wants to rock the boat, have a per capita number of science Nobel prizes commensurate with those of lower IQ southern Europeans [Solving the puzzle of why Finns have the highest IQ, but one of the lowest number of Nobel prizes, Intelligence, October 2014]. Any “Finnish” innovation is typically from their 5% Swedish minority: Sibelius, Linux, Angry Birds, Nokia

Get it girl #JanMorgan

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A gun range owner who drew national attention for calling her establishment a “Muslim Free Zone” will run for Arkansas governor.

Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, made the announcement in a video posted to YouTube on Dec. 30.

In the Republican primary, she’ll challenge incumbent Asa Hutchinson, who was elected in 2014.

Google Hiring 10,000 Certified Morons to Further Throttle Free Speech, by Zaida Green


Technically, and it’s an important point, Google is exercising its right to free speech by not providing a platform for views it doesn’t like. The right to free speech encompasses not promulgating—f9r any reason at all—others’ speech. Many people speak as if they have a constitutional right to use private platforms for their views. They don’t; the First Amendment only applies to the government. However, given how pervasive Google has become, it’s important to note what it does to restrict speech on its platform. From Zaida Green at

Google is escalating its campaign of internet censorship, announcing that it will expand its workforce of human censors to over 10,000, the internet giant announced on December 4. The censors’ primary focus will be videos and other content on YouTube, its video-sharing platform, but will work across Google to censor content and train its automated systems, which remove videos at a…

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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Here are six pro-gun moments for Trump in 2017:

Repeal of Social Security Gun Ban—On February 28, 2017—Trump signed a repeal of Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban. The ban had been in the works during the latter months of the Obama administration, with the final version of the ban officially put in place just days before Christmas 2016. The ban allowed bureaucrats in the Social Security Administration to flag beneficiaries who were on disability and required help with their finances. Such beneficiaries were to be turned over the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and denied the ability to purchase firearms for self-defense.

Nomination (and Confirmation) of Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary—Trump’s nomination of Zinke proved a boon to the Second Amendment and hunting traditions on the first day Zinke took office. On that day, March 2, 2017, Zinke repealed an Obama-era lead ban that had been issued…

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Happy New Year To All!


2017 will be forever remembered as The Great Triggering. Manic meltdowns, traumatized tantrums, spastic fits of violence and incessant, vaporous, overwhelming anxieties struck affected persons (buttsore libs) repeatedly and irrationally.  It was a magnificent fountain of sweet, delicious progtardian tears.  Here is a very short list of some of the known victims of 2017 – it is by no means comprehensive. I have 20 here, that’s not bad…I can’t go all night. Not anymore.

Thanks to you all for coming by to point and laugh with me. Here’s to an even more productive and enjoyable 2018. MAGA!


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