Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with thee


1 Kings 12:26-33

1 Kings 12:27

He feared that while the tribes went up every year to the temple, the old love to one another would revive, and seeing the palace of the house of David in its magnificence, they might feel regret for having revolted from their ancient line of kings: Jeroboam therefore felt that the temple worship endangered his position. He was a man of a crafty mind, like Ahithophel, and had no fear of God before his eyes, and therefore he resolved to set up a new religion. God’s honour was nothing to him. Worldly policy and other base motives have often been the reasons for founding false systems of religion.

1 Kings 12:28

Men naturally love ease, and prefer a religion which involves little trouble and inconvenience, hence Jeroboam craftily appealed to this degrading propensity of human nature; but how disgraceful it was on the part…

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