President Trump is right: His media coverage is mostly negative

Cry and Howl

This is a shocker! Despite some who can’t figure out if they’re supposed to wind their ass or scratch their watch, the major media coverage of President Trump is only 5% positive.

Via: NBC News

President Donald Trump frequently complains about media coverage of his administration, and a study released Monday confirms his suspicion: Most of it has been negative.
The Pew Research Center, in a content analysis of the early days of the Trump presidency, found that 62 percent of the coverage was negative and only 5 percent was positive.
In contrast, President Barack Obama’s coverage in early 2009 was 42 percent positive and 20 percent negative, the study said.
Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had higher negative than positive coverage early in their administrations, but not nearly to Trump’s degree. Clinton had 28 percent negative coverage and 27 percent positive in 1993, while Bush…

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NEVER FORGET … All but forgotten. But not by all

Cry and Howl

I think I’ll start this off by simply commenting about the current affairs. Naturally the media is all over President Trump “not responding fast enough” to the devastation in Puerto Rico. Typical. I was listening to the news on the way to work the other day and even they were saying that plenty of supplies have been arriving there. The problem is (according to the radio media) the roads are washed out. Most are impassable and then there aren’t any truck drivers because they’re having their own problems (the ones from Puerto Rico). The government there is asking anyone with a CDL (that’s a Commercial Driver’s License for those educated individual ones on the left) to come to the island and help out ‘manning’ the trucks to deliver the needed supplies. I know that even if President Trump flew his own jet in the middle of the storm loaded with…

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