Obamacare for life


Low down, lying,skulking pieces of shit

Never in my life will I vote for for a rat bastard that has an “R” in front of their name

You are the party of Obama and Obamacare

Not one penny, one voice of support, one vote


Treasonous fucking liars

All they do there is lie and enrich themselves at our expense

Forty some odd votes against Obamacare until it matters

….Then Fuck you

Well Fuck you right back you Rat Bastards

I’m out

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Obamacare” lives on.

“Senate Republicans, short of votes, abandoned their latest and possibly final attempt to kill the health care law Tuesday, just ahead of a critical end-of-the-week deadline.

The repeal-and-replace bill’s authors promised to try again at a later date, while President Donald Trump railed against “certain so-called Republicans” who opposed the GOP effort. But for now, Trump and fellow Republicans who vowed for…

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Build the Wall Build the Wall Build the Wall

Dr. Robert Owens Chronicles the History of the Future

President Trump’s speech before the UN was interesting in many ways.

He put the multinational globalists on official notice that he has their number and as far as he’s concerned their number is up.  He let the UN bureaucrats know that their red tape parades have got to be reined in.  He called socialism what it is, a failure.  He held up capitalism as the means for raising people out of poverty and ignorance.  He made the case for sovereignty both national, personal, and individual freedom.  He pointed out that the US carries a disproportionate load for the support of the UN and that this has got to change or they might be looking for spare change if America cuts its funding for what has become an anti-American debating society.  In other words, he let the world know that as far as his administration is concerned from now…

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Drain the Swamp

Dr. Robert Owens Chronicles the History of the Future

In America today most people choose their favorite brand of the ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCPBSNPR Cartel based on the charisma of the news reader, and don’t waste their time tuning into other news options.

What are the criteria for their choice of a news outlet? Does the news reader look or sound authoritative?  Are they better looking?  Do they have a more pleasing voice?  Are they a Male?  Are they a female? Are they Gay? Are we not sure?  Whatever the reason, it isn’t because they say anything different.  It often sounds like they all have the same writers and story selectors.  The content is no different.

Do you want to hear the story about how the Republicrat Elite is going to stop the Trump agenda before or after you hear the story about how the Donald is not fit for the highest office in the land or after?  Do you want to…

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Women Defends Self With Gun, Gets Suspended From Work

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

I suppose the idiots in charge at the Circle K where Jennifer Wertz works would have sooner had her shot and possibly killed rather than defend herself.

Circle K sounds like Hobby Lobby because Hobby Lobby tells their employees they can not have a gun in their automobiles at work.

I say screw Circle K and Hobby Lobby I will never do business with them again ever.

Folks who work at convenience stores probably think a fair bit about what to do if they’re faced with an armed individual. After all, their stores are common targets for armed robbery, regardless of the relative safety of a community.

For one cashier at a Circle K in Albuquerque, that meant a trip to the hospital for the bad guy who came into her store looking for trouble.

“I grabbed my gun from my pocket, I cocked it, and I shot,” said Jennifer Wertz…

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Church shooting… @scottpresler gets it …no one wants to say #muslim

Recapitulation of Emanuel Samson’s Church Attack:

This past Sunday, a Sudanese immigrant named Emanuel Samson murdered one and injured seven others at a Church in Antioch, Tennessee. Samson shot and killed Melanie Smith, a single mother of two, in the parking lot. Among the seven injured is Caleb Engle, who confronted Samson after he began shooting at Churchgoers. After subduing the attacker, Engle retrieved his own gun from his car to stand guard over Samson until the police arrived. Caleb Engle is a hero.

Here’s what no one is talking about: I reviewed Emanuel K. Samson’s Facebook posts from the last year and a half, taking screenshots of videos he shared. The main themes of the videos were anti-police, Islam apologist, and pro-Black Panther. Yes, Samson shared several videos about the New Black Panthers, a militant hate group. Even more interesting, he also shared a clip that includes Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage. What’s eerie is how Emanuel Samson committed the same crime of shooting up innocent people at a Church. From Samson’s posts about the New Black Panthers, his attack does seem racially motivated.

It’s also important to emphasize that Emanuel Samson is an immigrant from Sudan, one of the countries included in President Trump’s original travel ban and also designated by President Obama as a country of concern. The real question is, “Is it racist to have extreme vetting in order to stop Sudanese immigrants from murdering single mothers at Church?” You tell me.

Scott Presler

A Constitutional Anniversary to Forget, by Antonius Aquinas


The Constitution was a flawed document from the get go. From Antonius Aquinas at theburningplatform.com:

While not a jubilee year, last week marked the 230th anniversary of the US Constitution.  Naturally, most of its devotees enthusiastically praised the document which by now is seen on a par with Holy Writ itself.  An editorial from Investor’s Business Daily provides an example of such hagiography:

The Constitution’s beauty is that it not only delineates our rights as Americans, but expressly limits and defines government’s ability to interfere in our private lives.   This equipoise between citizens’ duties, responsibilities and rights makes it the defining document or our nation’s glorious freedom.

But America is wonderful largely because of the Constitution and those who framed it . . . .

What we have is too precious to squander . . . .*

Most of the piece laments about the widespread ignorance of its sacred contents among the denizens in which…

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#Take the Knee, by James Howard Kunstler


How much is non-black America keeping black America down, and how much is black America keeping black America down? From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

There’s a lot to complain about in this deranged republic — if it even still is one — but the burdens of being a multimillionaire football player would not be at the top of my list. Personally, I find it a little peculiar that we have to play the national anthem before any sporting event. All it really shows is how insecure we are as a nation that we have to display our love of country in this obsessive manner. Same with congressmen and their stupid flag lapel pins, or the flag in front of Denny’s chain restaurants. Are eaters of the “lumberjack slam” so disoriented when they leave the place that they need to be reminded what country they’re in? “Oh, look hon…

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Well, one night a boy and his girlfriend are out on a date and as the boy pull in his girlfriends drive-way to let her out she tells him to come over the next night for dinner and meet her parents. The boy agrees and the girl says to him that after dinner they will make love. Well the boy agrees and as he is on his way home, he thinks to himself ,”This will be my first time sleeping with someone, so before I go over to her house ill stop by the pharmacy and buy some condoms”. Well that day went by and they young boy was on his way to the pharmacy , and as he purchased the condoms the pharmacist gives him a mean look, the boy thinks nothing of it and goes on. Well, when the boy is at his girlfriends house, her mother asks him to say the blessing before dinner, well the boy is going on and on about stuff during the prayer and his girlfriend leans to him and says ” I didn’t know you were such a religious person” and the boy says back ” I didn’t know your dad is a pharmacist”.