An Unseemly Asymmetry

This is not how I want my money spent!
The federal government is on track to spend $3,982 this year…with nine extra zeros. Four trillion rounded. There are seven key components of this figure which, in total, comprise approximately 89% of federal spending. You will probably not be amazed to learn this 89% has practically nothing to do with what you might imagine the function of domestic government to be. Here they are in descending (to hell) order.

Social Security: $934
War: $629
Medicare: $646
Medicaid: $545
Welfare: $298
Federal pensions: $267
Interest on the debt: $264

Those figures (which are nearly, but not unerringly precise) are, of course, in billions; and they represent indescribably succulent fruit for America’s cunning tribal foxes. So let’s discuss what these vast canyons of cash represent in identity terms–which is to say the only terms that matter in any petri-dish society.

Trump Intel Chief: North Korea Learned From Libya War to “Never” Give Up Nukes, by Jon Schwarz


Why does North Korea keep developing nuclear weapons? Kim Jong-un doesn’t want to be the next Muammar Ghaddafi. From Jon Schwarz at

THE MEDIA IS NOW filled with headlines about North Korea’s missile test on Friday, which demonstrated that its ICBMs may be able to reach the continental U.S. What isn’t mentioned in any of these stories is how we got to this point — in particular, what Dan Coats, President Donald Trump’s director of national intelligence, explained last week at the Aspen Security Forum.

North Korea’s 33-year-old dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, said Coats. In fact, he has “some rationale backing his actions” regarding the country’s nuclear weapons. That rationale is the way the U.S. has demonstrated that North Korea must keep them to ensure “survival for his regime, survival for his country.”

Kim, according to Coats, “has watched, I think, what has happened around the world relative to nations that…

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