The New York Times’ Latest Leninist Fetish: All the Fake Eco-News That’s Fit to Print, by Thomas DiLorenzo


The New York Times has a special place in its heart for the old Soviet Union (although not for present day Russia). From Thomas DiLorenzo at

As part of the New York Times’ recent celebration of the centennial of the communist takeover of Russia (“The Red Century”) the paper published an August 8 piece by one Fred Strebeigh, a Yale environmental studies and English lecturer, entitled “Lenin’s Eco-Warriors.”  The theme of the article is that, yes, the Russian communists tortured and mass murdered tens of millions of their own citizens, enslaved the rest in totalitarian hell, and completely ruined their economy; but  on the bright side they were precursors of and role models for the Sierra Club, Earth First!, Rachel Carson, and Al Gore.

The Soviet Union, which spanned eleven time zones, was “the world’s largest system of . . . protected nature preserves,” boasts Strebeigh.  No kidding.  How…

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