It’s time we all start being brutally honest on this exact issue. As we start in to this Municipal Election cycle, it’s time for We The People to stand against the further dilution of our Country and our Culture. It must be understood how the Democrat Party is looking at this whole illegal invader (immigration) situation, and why and how the rest of US must derail their efforts to save our Republic. In 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, his verbal signing statement to his fellow Democrat leadership was, “I’m doing something that will have these ni&&ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” And then with the implementation of the “Great Society” and the “War on Poverty”, the Johnson Administration put in to place the government policies to begin the social and economic re-enslavement of the majority of Black Americans. And both pieces of the plan have worked to perfection as Republicans have tried to figure out how to stand by their Principles and pander to the Black Community. The Democrats now don’t have to give a damn about the Black Community except to enrich enough of their New Generation, Race-baiting, Poverty-pimping Leaders to continue the myth of them being “the Party of the Minorities”. This is also exactly why the Democrats have pushed the national government education policies, PARTICULARLY in the inner city school systems, to keep the minority (read Black) population ignorant and further enslaved to the government programs. And enrich enough of the Black education leaders to act like their working to fix the schools and continue the myth. Then, starting in the 80s, the Democrats started to realize that the Johnson Administration design was running its course as the Reagan Revolution of Economic Empowerment was starting to allow some of those in the Black Community to start to prosper and escape from the Democrat Plantation. To the Democrat Party this was unacceptable, so to continue to be viable in elective politics the Democrats lied and with their co-conspirators in the media convinced the Hispanic Community that THEY forced Reagan to pass the 1986 Amnesty Bill. But they reneged on the border security component, which was the main reason Reagan agreed to sign the bill.



Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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