Welfare Scammers Busted for $5 Million Food Stamp Fraud Scheme

Give Me Liberty

H/T Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.  

It is about time these thieves get busted and held accountable.

The welfare queens of South Carolina have been busted scamming the system and are now paying the price for it.

Seven females have pleaded guilty in court for defrauding the government for over $20,000 at a store in Rock Hill, which was part of a $5 million food stamp fraud scheme.

Here is a list of the women and the amount they took from the government: Jatonica Williams, 31, $5,238 in fraud; Dequitta White, 31, $3,070;  Labrecia White, 24, $2,962; Shenisa Davis, 36, $2,549; Victoria Sanders, 25, $2,234; Kimberly Johnson, 28, $2,195 in fraud; and Brooke Rogers, 27, $2,134.

To avoid jail these women took a plea deal, which will allow them no probation also if they pay back the money by the end of this year.

Johnson entered a guilty plea by herself while the other…

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