Finding North Direction and Time using Geological Features, plants and animals

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by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Finding North Direction and Time by Geological Features, plants and animals.

There are many different ways to find North direction and time [1-8], the following methods arecurrently less known but have been very popular in the past.

1. Geological formation.

For example, adistant mountain range on the West can be used as a directional pointer.

2. Winds.

A large geological formation such as a distant mountain range can create a year round daily winds of constant directions.

The smell of a wind (for ecamples, salty smell, plant smell) can also reveal where it comes from (for examples, the sea, a forrest with a particular smell)..

3. Permanent Cloud Formation.

Permanent Cloud Formation on top of geological features can tell earth dwellers their position. This method is used by islanders in the oceans.

4. The Growth…

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