Who We Should Really Thank for American Independence, by Bill Bonner


Two of tonight’s posts contain history of which you may not be aware. Here, Bill Bonner gives long overdue credit to the French for the ultimate outcome of the Revolutionary War. From Bonner at bonnerandpartners.com:

Editor’s Note: Our offices are closed for July Fourth. So today, we’re sharing a recent essay from Bill about a mostly forgotten detail about America’s war for independence.

While we were in France last summer, a friend – Laurence Chatel de Brancion – gave us a copy of her new book, La Fayette: Rêver la gloire.

Laurence is a historian who has been studying the life and times of Gilbert de Lafayette, upon whom her book – coauthored with Patrick Villiers – is focused.

Every schoolboy in the U.S. knows the basic story of the U.S. revolt against Britain. The Boston Tea Party… Paul Revere and the Minutemen… the Declaration of Independence… Valley Forge…

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