Sunday Summer Dumper


Just a motley assortment of the kind of things Alzheimer’s is good for.

Starting with a look back to last Summer…

chain of command

Chipotle says they won’t be buying any beef from Texas. They’ll ship it in 8,000 miles from Australia instead, to save the planet.  Hop on over and try one.


Some wise guy/gal/confused tried to photoshop a recent photo Lena Dunham posted of herself naked because she can’t get enough. We fetched the original, as a service to our readers. Enjoy.


Only 6 more days of official mandatory governmental celebrations of sexual perversions – and all the wrong kinds – left until UnProud.


Truly sad and tragic news from Pakistan as a local mosque directed locals to the scene of an overturned tanker truck, leaking petrol.  The people raced to collect free gas from the scene. Then a horrible (but inevitable) fire bomb exploded, killing at least 150 people who…

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I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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