The Worst of the Worse Republicans in Congress

Two states need to receive a dishonorable mention based on placing both of their Senators in the top 25. Likely to the surprise of few, Arizona is on the list with both of it’s Senator’s, the Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain (2) and Jeff Flake (McFlake?) (13) being highly represented. Tennessee also has both of its Senators on the list, both in the top 10, Chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Lamar Alexander (9) and Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker (10). What is somewhat surprising is both of these states are considered to be conservative hotbeds.

“Whatever disagreements Republicans might have—and there are always disagreements over details—we are unified by a simple truth. Washington is too powerful, it has worked against the interests of the people, and the people demand a change. President Trump wants to drain the swamp. Republicans have already gotten to work.”

–House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

markE watkins

Conservative Review has released it’s most recent list of the Top 25 Rinos or the most liberal voting Republicans in Congress:

  1. Paul Ryan; Representative from WI; 18 years in DC
  2. John McCain; Senator from AZ; 30 years in DC
  3. Lisa Murkowski; Senator from AK; 14 years in DC
  4. Lindsey Graham; Senator from SC; 14 years in DC
  5. Thad Cochran; Senator from MS; 38 years in DC
  6. Mitch McConnell; Senator from KY; 32 years in DC
  7. Orrin Hatch; Senator from UT; 40 years in DC
  8. Kevin McCarthy; Representative from CA; 10 years in DC
  9. Lamar Alexander: Senator from TN; 14 years in DC
  10. Bob Corker; Senator from TN; 10 years in DC
  11. Susan Collins; Senator from ME; 20 years in DC
  12. Tom Cole; Representative from OK; 14 years in DC
  13. Jeff Flake; Senator from AZ; 4 years in DC
  14. John Cornyn; Senator from TX; 14 years in DC
  15. Peter King; Representative…

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