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Globalists trying to undermine Trump’s agenda

Jerome Corsi | Infowars.com – JUNE 5, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fiona Hill, a Harvard-trained former senior fellow of the Brookings Institute and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, with a history of working on the George Soros payroll, was invited to the Trump White House by National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster.

Hill is known for supporting Soros-funded efforts to flood Europe with Muslim refugees from the Middle East, despite concerns expressed by leaders in Hungary and Poland that the Muslims migrants will fundamentally transform Europe into a Sharia-law continent hostile to European values.

Hill’s presence in the White House as a “Russian expert” has given her a platform to support Soros’ Central European University, CEU, a hybrid U.S.-Hungarian educational institution with a globalist curriculum opposed by the Hungarian government.

After the weekend attack by radical Islamic terrorists in London, the…

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