Once Again, It Deserves to Be Said | @NCRenegade @NCFreedom

Once Again, It Deserves to Be Said

There can be no denial that islam is ultimately and irredeemably evil, and that those who embrace it intend to destroy every last shred of Western Society.  There is only ONE legitimate response to such an existential threat – go on the offensive and destroy the threat…totally.

As I have been saying for well over a decade now, the one legitimate and effective response is to go on the offense against islam. Period.

Kill every last muslim,
Burn every last copy of their satanic book.
Burn every last mosque to the ground.
Burn every last dwelling they have occupied,
And wherever you must burn,
Salt the ground heavily.


We can start by nuking Mecca and Medina immediately, with the promise that *any* further act of jihad, no matter how small or remote the target, will result in the nuclear annihilation of the 10 largest muslim-majority cities worldwide.  That warning would serve as sufficient notice for any non-muslims who are paying attention to leave those cities, immediately.  Those who remain will have chosen their allies, and thus their fate.  So be it.

To this end, we should provision as many of our naval ships as possible with nuclear armed cruise-missiles, and should put our entire strategic aviation fleet on hot standby to deliver our highest-yield hydrogen bombs to the larger and more deserving targets, with alacrity.

The American citizenry financed those ships, bombers, missiles, and warheads, with the entire face value of our society, upon the promise that those weapons would be used to protect us from such existential threats –
it’s about time we got some return on our investment.

Until we buck up and start treating all of islam at least as harshly as we treated the Nazis during WWII, we’re not even trying to solve the problem.  Only those in the habit of lying to themselves could possibly deny this plain fact, at this late date.



Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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