Let’s Connect the Dots, by Robert Gore

If this is correct, then within 96 hours of Rich’s murder, or by July 14, 2016, the FBI knew that Rich had communicated with WikiLeaks and it knew what he had communicated. That means that when WikiLeaks subsequently released the DNC emails on July 22, the FBI knew that Rich, not the Russian government, was the source. That would make the entire “Russia hacked the DNC” story nothing more than a concocted fabrication. Comey, the director of the FBI, surely knew the truth, and indeed was probably the mastermind behind the fabrication. If so, the subsequent investigation has been nothing but a sham, designed to discredit Trump and drive him from office. If that is indeed the case, Comey has zero credibility and his notes, supposedly made after a conversation with Trump, have zero credibility as well. Not only is Comey’s credibility destroyed, he, and potential coconspirators Barack Obama, James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence), John Brennan (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency until January 2017), could be charged with a myriad of criminal offenses, including treason. And who knows where a rejuvenated Seth Rich murder investigation might lead.


If Seth Rich was the source of the WikiLeaks’ DNC email disclosures and the FBI knew it, then the Russian hacking story was a fabrication, and James Comey was probably involved in an attempt to drive President Trump from office.

The biggest story of the entire Russiagate controversy was published Tuesday. Not the story about President Trump’s alleged statement to former FBI Director James Comey: “I hope you can let this go.” A witness is only as good as his or her credibility. If the actual big story pans out, Comey has none, which is why the mainstream media is obsessing over Trump’s alleged statement and doing everything it can to ignore and stifle the other story.

Seth Rich was on the staff of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). He was gunned down on July 10, 2016. Robbery has been speculated as a motive for the murder, but his wallet and…

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