Kill the messenger … if he’s conservative

How are we Conservatives so thick skinned? Or are we afraid to take on the madness?

Cry and Howl

This morning on the way to work I heard on the news that Sally Yates, the former acting Attorney General will testify before Congress regarding Michael Flynn and his communications with the Russian ambassador. I find it curious that the Congress, knowing the Russians did not affect the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election are still pursuing this farce. What’s even more curious is the fact that the information regarding Flynn, which was classified, was illegally leaked to the press and no one is investigating the felony in leaking the classified information. Okay, Flynn was/is stupid. First for allowing himself to be put in that position. Second for not telling President Trump and Mike Pence about his communications with Russia. So, he deserves what he got IMHO. However as I was thinking about this thing I began to think about just who are the folks the rules actually apply to…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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