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H/T Keep And Bear.

Fortunately the homeowner was able to retrieve his gun and fight back a move that saved their lives.  

Food for thought: it is not smart to attack people who own guns. Here’s the thing, most likely, you’ll end up injured or dead if you do try to do so, because our guns aren’t for just for show!

An overnight invasion is being investigated by police near Houston, Texas. The homeowner had just arrived home after work, when he was ambushed by three thugs, who pistol whipped him. This happen around 9:15pm on Tuesday night, when they then used him to get into the home, where the man’s wife and two children were. The children are ages five and six.

The homeowner was pistol whipped and his family was forced to lie down on the floor.

The men were looking to rob the victim, but police said…

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