They Said That? 5/3/17

Gore has a guest post on The Burning Platform and the greatest shortstory written in this decade!


It is the height of egotism to quote one’s self in the quote of the day, but guilty as charged and here goes. This is a comment and response to today’s SLL article by Robert Gore, “The Magnificent Eleven,” from The Burning Platform, where the article was also posted.

From TBP commentor Dolphin:

R. G.:

You left out the parts about the “robber barons”, striking workers being gunned down by hired thugs, sweatshop conditions giving rise to books like “The Jungle”, 72-hour work weeks, Indian genocide, and repeated financial panics in 1873, 1893, and 1907. And while we’re talking about FDR, I’m guessing you think he pursued the policies he did because he was an evil man. The facts that the depression was already in its fourth year, was steadily worsening, and showed no signs of letting up when he took office aren’t a consideration.

And perhaps we…

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