Damn guns are at it again


“When the shooting stopped, two young men lay dead inside the South Shore restaurant Thursday afternoon, another was dead outside and a fourth was found dead around the corner, slumped against a tree.

Paramedics draped a sheet over the man outside the Nadia Fish and Chicken restaurant at 75th Street and Coles Avenue as his mother grieved.

“It is not OK. It is not OK when we lose a child like this,” she said as officers guided her and others away from the body. “There’s two dead — there’s two other boys in there.”

Still wearing a red apron from her job at the restaurant, the mother pounded her fists on the hood of a blue-and-white police SUV parked across Coles from her son’s body.”


A true tragedy for a Chicago mother

But, the truth is that they will blame it on guns

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