Building Community: Part 1 | NCRenegade @NCFreedom

I suppose I wanted to believe that there was a chance of pulling the United States back together under a Trump administration. That spark never had a chance as both parties put personal power over the people. Whatever flashpoint ignites a series of events leading to a world war and economic collapse, we must resign ourselves to some simple truths:

  1. The people have no control over what world leaders decide. Don’t waste time dwelling on how “you” can change it.
  2. The longer the inevitable is put off, the worse the consequences will be. We should have had the economic reset ten years ago at the end of the Bush administration.
  3. The steps that people who are for preparing for the future to protect their kith and kin are not adequate. Most people are suffering normalcy bias and they will devolve to a base survival mode. They will justify their actions in order to survive; they will not become the moral foundation necessary to build a new Republic.
  4. Our biggest enemy is our neighbor who has put their faith in the state instead of the Lord.
  5. The Lord is in control and He will punish both people and countries for their transgressions. We also know that He is merciful and has a plan.

The simplest truth to surviving in the future is to have Faith. Faith brings hope and allows us to understand that rebuilding a moral society is the key to our children’s future. The foundation of rebuilding is also simple: community. Brandon Smith has written a primer on this topic for your consideration below.

David DeGerolamo

Rules And Dangers When Organizing Security And Survival Groups


Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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