Crate full of steel pavement markers shipped to Gov. Cooper with message to get results on I-77

POSTED:APR 21 2017 05:18PM EDT

UPDATED:APR 21 2017 06:19PM EDT


Governor Cooper received a crate full of steel pavement markers to his office on Friday – the same ones coming out of the Interstate-77 construction area. 


The message came from a local representative from Mecklenburg County asking the governor to get results for drivers on I-77. 


“When you take that and hold it and you envision that coming through your windshield at 55 miles an hour – which has happened – as well as coming underneath your car, it’s a very serious issue.” Rep. John Bradford said. 


It’s an issue Rep. Bradford took to Raleigh on Friday. His staff delivered the 35 pounds of steel to Governor Roy Cooper with a handwritten letter. 


“The letter asks the governor to immediately ask the Department of Transportation to start a plan out here making sure our interstate is safe, removing any debris, and also it asks for consideration for any people who have had damage to their vehicles to make sure they’re fully reimbursed either by the third party vender or the State of North Carolina,” he explained. 


NCDOT said it will be closing lanes at night starting on Friday and going through Monday morning to remove pavement markers on I-77 north of Charlotte. It said crews will also pick up loose markers and fill in broken pavement. 


NCDOT also brought in a third party company, called Mercator Advisors. Its job is to look over the project and contract with the Spanish developer, Cintra. 


The company said all options are on the table, including terminating the contract.


Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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