The Cost Of War


The Armed Christian

The “news” today is filled with reports of the US using a 21,000 lb. GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Airblast (MOAB) bomb against the ISIS in Afghanistan. This is the most powerful, non-nuclear, weapon in the US arsenal. According to the talking heads in Washington it was deployed against a tunnel complex that was in use by local fighters to move freely in the area and may have been used in the recent attack that killed an American soldier in the area last weekend.

$2.5 Million on a flatbed trailer

There is no report yet on the effectiveness of the weapon but a quick guestimate based on the procurement contract with the manufacturer is that we just spent $2.5+ million dollars to (possibly) collapse some tunnels and (possibly) take out a few easily replaced terrorists armed with $50 AKs.

At this rate, we’ll be bankrupt before we can squash the “JV Team”…

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