May Day Celebrations Of Open Borders And Defiance Announced By Gutierrez, Ramos

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By Rick Wells

Luis “the Roach” Gutierrez is not a representative of the people of the State of Illinois or any citizens of the United States, for that matter. He represents those who are from other places who have crossed our borders illegally or have overstayed their visas, illegal squatters are the constituency he works for.

Since most of them don’t speak English and they are overwhelmingly Spanish speaking, he naturally does not make his address in the language of the enemy, English, but in their language. He wants them to know what he and co-conspirator Jorge Ramos are up to, not the Americans,  particularly not those in what he perceives as the “enemy camp,” the Trump administration.

Gutierrez and his foreign comrades will be celebrating what is the traditionally the “labor day” holiday globally, marked in other nations on May 1st and promoted by the international labour movement, socialists…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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