US Aircraft Carriers Vulnerable to Attack – Report

In a recent speech aboard the USS Gerald Ford, US President Donald Trump declared the most expensive warship in US history to be all but unsinkable. But submarines, in addition to new anti-ship weapons, have routinely taken Navy carriers off the board in previous war games.

In a 2015 war game, a French sub navigated multiple lines of defense to “eliminate” the USS Theodore Roosevelt off the coast of Florida, according to a new Reuters report. Since the 1980s, war games meant to simulate real battle between the US and its allies show that US aircraft carriers have been destroyed or sunk at least 14 times, but the total number is unknown due to the Navy’s classification of these reports. 

USS Gerald R. Ford


US Navy Prepares to Explode Bombs Near New Supercarrier USS Ford

Russia, China and Iran have all boosted anti-ship capabilities in recent years, a series of moves that makes carriers more susceptible to being destroyed. If the USS Ford sank due to an enemy nuclear sub or anti-ship missile, some 4,500 personnel, 70 aircraft, and $12.9 billion would go down with it. With a limited naval budget, devoting $12.9 billion toward one ship could prove to be a case of putting too many eggs in one basket, or insufficient diversification.


Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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