Randolph County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Facebook page blocks Citizens without notification #RobertGraves – was it the immigration questions?

County Social Media sites policy


Mr. Johnson, 

Hope you are well. 

I am interested in knowing what the County policy is for social media.

Especially the part where a citizen is blocked from (in part or particially) on a page. 

The Randolph County Sheriff page has removed my ability to LIKE or COMMENT on their post. 

This is a public forum of an elected office and I have said nothing inappropriate (foul language, etc.) I have simply posted my issues with the elected office operation and failure to respond to my questions through private avenues. 

Case in point, I should add. 

I noticed this Saturday evening, but I haven’t visited the page in several days so I am unsure when this egregious action took place!

Clearly, someone doesn’t like to be held accountable and clearly someone doesn’t like the fact that I am wanting to TALK about the illegal immigration problem in this County! 

I don’t know the law of the state about blocking my free speech of posting on an elected officials page but shutting me up on Graves page won’t shut me up! I have never been blocked from any elected officials page in this manner — it is worthy to note that I have Facebook and Tweeted to all my elected offcials since at least 2008. Let’s just say if Barack Hussein Obama, Tim Kaine, John McCain, Jeff Flake and Terry McAuliffe didn’t block me, surely Graves can handle my opinionated self!  


Lisa Andrews
American Citizen with RIGHTS! 

They are oulined in the Constitution.


Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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