SitRep – 02/16/2017

Guys, this is REAL
WE THE PEOPLE voted Trump in but the liberals ARE still in control because the government has gone ROGUE!
Yeah a “summary”, as if you need one. Let me be perfectly clear…the US secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, & NSA) are unconstitutional entities. They were established by radical leftists Presidents who actively sought to convert the US into a police state. The agencies are actively subverting Trump as President of the United States. They are actively and aggressively attempting to overthrow Trump as President of the United States. Should that fail those agencies will finish what they started…the overthrow of the government…any way they have to.

We are in the most perilous times in the United States, at least since I’ve been alive. The Civil War and FDR’s attempt to turn us into a socialist country are the only other two domestic events with the same potential as what we are currently in. Do not underestimate what is happening and the potential for it to change rapidly into an openly violent situation.

The only thing more sad is the number of people who see themselves as patriots and/or conservatives and/or Republicans that will get caught up in all of this on the wrong side. The wrong side of history. They will blindly follow the call for “law and order” and “safety and security” right into the implementation of the police state. These folks have been deceived in thinking that giving up some liberty for safety is acceptable. It isn’t. You end up with neither.

God help us! Please, we need it now more than ever.

A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

Situation Reports (SitReps)This is an ugly SitRep and I don’t like what I wrote. Unfortunately I believe it all to be true. I have acquired information, some public, some private, to put this report together. But, in the end it is opinion of what I believe is happening. If you have some other plausible explanation that is based in the facts I would love to hear it.

Flynn –

What the National Security Advisor did, or didn’t do, is really not of any major consequence or of concern to me. The Logan Act states a private citizen can’t conduct diplomacy with a foreign government. Did Flynn conduct diplomacy as accused? I have no earthly idea…and it doesn’t matter one bit to me. He either did or didn’t, if he did then prosecute. If he didn’t then he was railroaded.

The real point to the controversy surrounding Flynn was his stance and knowledge…

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I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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