To Case Prep, Or Not To Case Prep

Visit the page for details that led to the results. Always practice safe handling for YOUR firearm!
My mixed results did show that the fully prepped cases did average .094” better than the unprepped cases, but the largest group fired from the prepped brass was .012” worse than the largest group fired from the unprepped brass.

In all reality, we can read a million different things into the results. I guess the lesson I learned from this little test is whether I prep my cases or not, I should be able to hit a coyote at 100 yards. I don’t think the coyote will be asking if I prepped my brass or not.

*Disclaimer: Load data represented here may not be safe in your rifle.

Sierra Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Gary Prisendorf


Around a year ago I bought a Ruger American Predator rifle chambered in .223 Remington, with the goal of turning it into a coyote extermination machine.

While working up a load for it, I went through all my typical brass prep steps, weighing cases, annealing case necks, uniforming primer pockets and deburring flash holes.

I started wondering just how much difference all my brass prep would really matter for a factory rifle at normal hunting ranges.  So I decided to do a little experiment and load up 15 rounds using fully prepped cases and 15 rounds with very minimal brass prep and compare the group sizes at 100 yards.

I weighed out cases until I had 15 within half of a grain of each other, annealed the case necks, uniformed the primer pockets, deburred the flash holes, full length resized, trimmed them…

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