Five (Politically Incorrect) Facts About Past Presidential Inaugurations

I enjoy such trivia!
wish hussein was dong this lol
2. Three of our early presidents – John Adams, his son John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Johnson – did not attend the inaugurations of their successors.

The men were so eager to leave Washington that they left town before witnessing the swearing-in of the men who took their places.

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H/T Town Hall.

Some Presidential Inauguration trivia. 

Editor’s note: This is from New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Schweikart’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Presidents Part I

Did you know that most facts about America’s early presidents aren’t in history books? Political correctness has taken its toll on some of our greatest heroes and portrayed them as evil men. New York Times bestselling author Larry Schweikart sets the record straight in his new book The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents Part I. As America prepares to inaugurate its 45th president, here are five interesting facts about America’s past inaugurations that aren’t easily found in academia (or the liberal media).

1. No one remembered to bring a Bible for George Washington to be sworn in on at America’s first presidential inauguration.

The judge who administered Washington’s oath had to send for a Bible from the local Masonic lodge. After…

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