Democrats Have Lost 1,030 Seats in Obama’s Presidency

the Democrats have lost 1,030 seats across the board since Obama took office in January 2008. This includes seats in state’s houses and senates, governorships, and Congress.The 2016 elections became the final nail in the coffin. Everyone needs to look beyond President-elect Donald Trump because after the election, the Democrats now “hold the governor’s office and both legislative chambers in just five coastal states: Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.”Now Republicans have hold on all three roles in 25 states, especially in flyover country.Funny thing is, the signs floated in front of the Democrats from the very beginning. Obama took oath with a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate. But that did not last very long:To be sure, the president’s party almost always loses seats in midterm elections. But, according to experts, Obama’s tenure has marked the greatest number of losses under any president in decades.‘Obama just figured his important actions on policies like immigration and health care would solidify support, but that hasn’t really materialized,’ said Daniel Galvin, a political science professor at Northwestern University and the author of a book on presidential party building.‘He’s done basically the minimal amount of party building, and it’s been insufficient to help the party.’During his year-end press conference, he admitted that he did not do enough to build the party. He said that “it’s kind of hard to do when you’re also dealing with a whole bunch of issues here in the White House.”Ire grew within Congressional Democrats and those at the state level because he refused “to do the typical Washington schmoozing” while not always endorsing down-ballot candidates “and inability to parlay Organizing for action, his grassroots organization, into a significant force.”

Source: Democrats Have Lost 1,030 Seats in Obama’s Presidency

Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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