Overheard in the Land of the Free, by Simon Black

So hard to be a parent now-a days

… when I overheard one such conversation.

It didn’t even register until I heard the mother say, “Kaden- you can’t go ice skating… you might fall down!”

The words immediately passed through my mental filter as if someone had just shouted out my name across the food court.

You might fall down? Duh. It’s a ten-year old boy on ice skates. Of course he’s going to fall down.

I’m really not sure when this happened. I’m nearly 38, so I grew up in the 80s and early 90s.

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to ride our bikes all over town by ourselves until it was dark.

Today that would be enough for our parents to be arrested… or at least paid a visit by Child Protective Services.

My friends and I chased each other around and played that occasionally got rough.

Now even ‘Tag’ has been outlawed in countless school districts who consider the game physically and emotionally distressing to children.


Again, I don’t know precisely when any of this changed. But it’s painfully obvious how different things are now for kids.

Major cultural changes like this always start in the home with what parents teach their children… as in, “Kaden, you might fall down.”

What is the big lesson that this child is learning? Because, “Kaden, you might fall down,” could just as easily be, “Kaden, you aren’t allowed to take any risks or try anything that’s new and challenging.”

Risk taking is supposed to be part of the American DNA. The US is supposed to be the country that rises to major challenges.

And there’s certainly no shortage of challenges now.

The national debt now stands at $19.8 trillion. Social Security and Medicare are woefully unfunded, and many other government trust funds are flat broke.

The Federal Reserve has printed itself into near insolvency and created massive financial bubbles around the world.

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Source: Overheard in the Land of the Free, by Simon Black

Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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