Are You a Libertarian? Is Gary Johnson One? by Eric Peters

Anytime I take those online “tests” that show where you line up politically always say I “lean” libertarian”. It used to make me angry and then I accepted it. I will be voting for Trump and many of my FB friends who say they are Libertarian are blocking me. Sad they have failed to see a path for the future – just as bad as voting for killary. IMO

Johnson has duped the Libertarian swaying Republicans into thinking he is their man — he is pretending he is not a Libertarian.

Libertarians take the position that is morally legitimate to to hold people accountable for the harms they cause – but if they have caused no harm to others, insist that they be left alone.

Note the distinction: Hold people accountable for harms they have caused …. as opposed to punishing them for having “violated” a statute.

Libertarians believe in restitution. They do not believe a statute can be victimized because a statute is a mere construct and (unlike an actual flesh and blood human being) has no rights that can be violated.

Gary Johnson does not believe in such things. Neither, of course, do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

But neither Trump nor Hillary pretend to be Libertarians.

Johnson, unfortunately, does.

A nice summary of a contemporary libertarian philosophy divorced from Ayn Rand’s philosophical underpinnings (she did not call the political aspects of her philosophy libertarianism, but many…

Source: Are You a Libertarian? Is Gary Johnson One? by Eric Peters

Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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