Experts Fear ISIS Terrorist Knifemen Will Target Western Church For Their Next Attack

Counter-terror experts fear ISIS extremists armed with knives will target a Western church for their next attack.Christian leaders are being warned to increase security and avoid wearing dog collars in public.New counter terrorism advice is being urgently issued to vicars and churches across the UK this week over fears an attack on British religious institutions is now likely.The new measures follow the murder of a priest by two ISIS terrorists in France last month, amid fears the same could now happen in the UK.Experts warn that a terrorist attack on churches “is coming.” Places of worship in the UK, which are ‘easy targets’ for extremists, are now being urged to take precautions and beef up security.A draft of the measures being issued and seen by Mirror Online – called Counter Terrorism Advice for Churches – urges religious leaders to prepare for incidents and to be on alert for attackers, who are likely to be armed with knives.

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‘Americans for a Secure Wyoming’ burn a quran and call for a ban on Islam

On Saturday August 27, 2016, Chelsea and Jon Roan burned a Qu’ran as an act of justice for the victims of the child rapist and Christian- and Jew-murdering so-called ‘prophet’ Muh…

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MLK family endorse Trump!

Anyone else heard this?


Malik Obama (a registered American voter) says his brother Barack failed to deliver on his promises and  he lied to the American people! He says he is voting for Donald Trump because he would be be…

Source: You read about it here first, now listen to Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother Malik talk about his reasons for supporting Donald Trump for president

AUSTRALIA: Second British backpacker stabbed 20 times trying to save his fellow backpacker after she was stabbed to death by a muslim, has now died from his injuries, too

Tom Jackson, 30, (right) the heroic British man who was stabbed 20 times in the face, neck, and chest by a vicious MUSLIM savage as he tried to save a fellow backpacker has died from his stab wound…

Source: AUSTRALIA: Second British backpacker stabbed 20 times trying to save his fellow backpacker after she was stabbed to death by a Muslim, has now died from his injuries, too


WTH when is someone going to subsidize ME? Oh no that is right I work and pay my own bills! SMH Criminal is right — Congress is holding America HOSTAGE with their failure to impeach these freaks!

Give Me Liberty

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Amtrak should be closed down ASAP.

CNN reported, Friday, about Joe Biden’s big announcement of a $2.45 BILLION federal ‘loan’ to AmTrak. Leave it to Crazy Uncle Joe to throw BILLIONSof our tax dollars at this bloated, mis-managed organization.

Vice President Joe Biden announced Friday a $2.45 billion loan to Amtrak from the Department of Transportation, the largest loan in the department’s history.

Biden announced the new loan at his namesake Joseph R. Biden Jr., Train Station in Wilmington, Delaware.
The $2.45 billion will be used to purchase 28 new train sets for the high-speed Acela train between Washington through New York and into Boston. The money will also be used to rehabilitate railroad tracks and upgrade four stations, including Washington’s Union Station and Baltimore’s Penn Station.
“This loan is a key step to providing investments needed to help keep high speed trains moving throughout the region…

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Ohio: muslim charged with 10 counts of murder in Dayton triple slaying

DAYTON — The man accused of killing three people on Wednesday in Dayton faces 28 charges, including 10 murder counts, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office.Muhammad Shabazz Ali, 61, is accused of shooting to death Tammy Cox, 53, Michael D. Cox, 25, and Jasper Taylor, 74, at 35 Oxford Ave. on Wednesday. A three-prosecutor panel met earlier Friday to discuss charges against Ali, who is being held in Montgomery County Jail.A prosecutor’s office spokeswoman said the 28 counts included: four for aggravated murder, six for murder, six for aggravated burglary, two for kidnapping, eight for felonious assault and one each for having weapons under disability and failure to comply with the order of an officer.The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office listed multiple gunshot wounds for the cause of death for Tammy Cox and Jasper Taylor. Paperwork was not complete on Michael Cox late Friday afternoon.Including a separate killing on Friday near Salem Avenue, Dayton has had 25 homicides so far in 2016. Dayton had 27 in all of 2014 and 29 in all of 2015.A neighbor of Ali’s said she’d seen several arguments between him and Tammy Cox.“When he first moved here, he was a really nice guy,” said Erin Buck, who said Ali would mow people’s yards without being asked. “He always helped people a lot, but I did see his interaction with (Tammy Cox). They’d argue sometimes. She’d come out crying and end up getting on a bus … take off walking.”Buck said her daughter saw Tammy Cox leave Ali’s house upset on Wednesday morning.Buck said Ali was alternatively friendly or uncommunicative with neighbors. She said she noticed a difference in his behavior after she said he recently hurt himself trimming a tree while doing odd jobs.“He’d say, ‘I’m still here, but I’m not doing good, I’m not doing good at all,’ ” Buck said, adding that a nurse was visiting Ali nearly every day. “My little girl cried because (Tammy Cox) was a very, very nice person.”

Source: Ohio: Muslim charged with 10 counts of murder in Dayton triple slaying | Creeping Sharia

How the Chinese Government Muzzles Freedom of Expression in Canada

ORONTO — Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is due in China on Tuesday for a much anticipated visit, hoping to reset what had been an up-and-down relationship under the previous government. Closer ties, Mr. Trudeau says, would release untapped prosperity at home and promote Canadian values like good governance and the rule of law in China.But many Chinese-Canadians say the opposite is happening. They say the growing economic clout wielded in Canada by China, Canada’s largest trading partner after the United States, is leading to an erosion of their own freedom — specifically their freedom to speak openly about China’s authoritarian state. Journalists who write for the many Chinese-language publications in Canada, along with activists and others, say they are under increasing pressure to promote the interests of the Chinese government.

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