The US Military’s Silent Generation

The US armed forces are being strangled to death by the agents of political correctness, feminism, cultural Marxism and the LGBT agenda. Those agents defined as Barack Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Ash Carter, Ray Mabus, Eric Fanning and Deborah Lee James.

Not a day passes now without some new and completely absurd directive emanating from the Pentagon with one goal; the total feminization and destruction of the US military.

Yet, as transgenders demand unisex latrines and women are authorized to serve in Delta Force, not a sound emanates from those Rubber Men of Arlington, those spineless mannequins called the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Joe Dunford and his cowards of the round table have taken a La Cosa Nostra vow of silence as the military takes its final breath and the lights are finally turned off in this great land.

Have no doubt, the US military is in its death throes, courtesy of the Obama Administration and its willing, treasonous executioners.

From Mike Mullen to Martin Dempsey to Joe Dunford, the Chairmen of the JCS have stood silent as the military implodes around them.

Sadly, the Pentagon has no modern Colonel David Hackworth’s. In 1971, Hack was a highly decorated combat vet and leader who was being groomed for his first star. He was on a high trajectory in the lean green machine. But, Hack threw his career away when he went on the ABC talk show, Issues and Answers and told the world that the Army’s strategy to fight the Vietnam War wasn’t working and wouldn’t work unless drastic changes were made.

While Hack was a polarizing figure who was both loved and hated by his men and readers (most of the love came from the lower ranks and the hatred from the higher ranks and the men he deemed the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon), no one can argue that the man had the courage of his convictions, aka moral fortitude, aka guts.

Where is such moral courage and indeed concern about the dire situation in the military today among not only the JCS, but the other members of its ranks?

In over seven years, as the Obama White House has taken a chainsaw and meat cleaver to the military, not one word of protest has come from the JCS, the senior leaders of the military, the middle management of the military, the non-commissioned officers of the military and the civilian bureaucrats who work for the military.

Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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