RKBA News: Gun Used in Paris Attacks Came From “Fast and Furious” Debacle

Anyone who still thinks that Americans should not be armed with any firearm desired … is ignorant! !

Our “leaders” have armed the enemy and want to disarm us … if you dont see that as a sign you are WRONG nothing will open your eyes and I feel sorry for your stupidity!

The Tactical Hermit

I find it HILARIOUS that obamaoids have been jumping up and down throwing tantrums over wanting to impose another Assault Weapons Ban and yet one of the guns used in the Paris Attacks (An AK Assault Rifle) was put into circulation by the ATF in the Fast and Furious goat rodeo debacle. Going a bit further with this, how about the recent story about CIA Weapons meant for “American Backed Syrian Rebels” (All 100 of them) ending up on the Jordanian Black Market (ie in Jihadist Hands) coincidence? Well if you follow the letter of the law here, it takes 2 people to be involved in the planning of a crime to have a “Conspiracy”, here we have two clear cut examples of MASSIVE Govt. involvement in illegal arms dealing. I think the burden of proof has been met to at minimum file Conspiracy charges, against the US Government, namely…

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