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America will need to regain complete Sovereignty from even our “allies” to just getmthriugh the turmoil coming to the financial world.
” This blueprint didn’t magically appear in the wake of the Brexit and word of the continental army has leaked out before. This is how the globalists operate; they connive, lie and cheat from the shadows, seizing opportunities as they create them or as they present themselves. They act in defiance of the will of the people because that is what is in their own exploitive best interests.

This has been part of the grand scheme from the beginning, under the UN. The continental super-state is to be followed by a single global government. The names and geography are different but the scheme is the same for us with the North American Union. This is most definitely evidence of the conspiracy and proof that it is much more than a theory.

It’s an active plot and those who dismiss it as silly fantasy are either naïve, uninformed or in on the plot. As the ranks of those becoming informed will certainly now be increasing with this revelation, it’s going to become much easier to determine who is the treasonous globalist and much harder for them to hide.”


New European Super-State Controlled From Brussels – All Nat’l Sovereignty Gone Those who prefer to pretend that unpleasant realities are merely their imagination or “conspiracy theories,” when it’s convenient won’t like the news coming out of Europe on the heels of the Brexit vote. The European Union is now moving towards the complete abolition of…

Please read the whole article at the link below. This is not a conspiracy theory, but is really happening and the Germans are trying to make sure no EU country has any sovereignty. This is a nightmare.

via EU Super State, Continental Army Forming – Next Globalist Step — RickWells.US

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