In 25 years, there probably won’t be one Jew left in Europe

Seems as if Patriots will stand with for the #Jews where the Jews won’t even stand for themselves!!
That is in America as well as Europe.
But it also includes the #Catholics they all continue to vote with the dems despite the clear hatred those dems express toward their beliefs.

“For every Jew who flees Europe, thousands of Muslims are coming in to replace them.

In the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe — several of which targeted Jewish institutions —  politicians and religious leaders have predicted a massive exodus of Jewish people from the continent. In some ways, the numbers stack up. Last year, a record 8,000 Jews arrived in Israel from France — with another 15,000 coming from Eastern Europe.  This year, there will be even more. What Hitler didn’t finish, mass Muslim immigration will…only this time it will be the Christians of Europe who will be targeted for extermination.”

Your Options: To Serve, Or To Serve, by Robert Gore

You’re to be served …
How far have we come
“As exchange dies, the nation founded in revolution and independence descends into docile servility. Equality of rights under the law, a difficult but not impossible goal, gives way to a deluded and malignant drive for equality of outcomes. Exchange, contract, and freedom are inconsistent with equality of outcome. In order for voluntary exchange to occur, both parties must have something to exchange, which implies both parties have produced something and either retained it or exchanged it for something else of value. Productive ability is not equally distributed. Nor is the ability to benefit from exchange; some are better at it than others.

Spurious promises of equal outcomes implicitly rely on begging, theft, and the coercive power of the sociopathic, psychopathic scam. There has never yet been a government in which the government, especially ones devoted to “equality,” did not become, in Orwell’s words, “more equal” than its begging and enslaved citizenry. Keep that in mind the next time you hear a blowhard bastard bloviating bromides about the beauty and nobility of “service.” You’re to be served…as the next course.”


There are three ways for a person to obtain something of value from another person: receive it as a donation, steal it by force or fraud, or exchange for it. It’s not much of an oversimplification to say that the advance of civilization has hinged on its movement from the first two methods to the third. The right to exchange, and the right to promise as part of a future exchange—the right to contract—are now taken for granted, but those rights are delicate and a whole complex of rights, assumptions, and obligations are subsumed by them. Their intellectual foundations are being undermined as the equality of rights implicit in contract and exchange gives way to a regressive inequality of rights: servitude.

The essence of exchange is choice; it’s voluntary. Both parties have the choice of whether or not to transact, and neither will do so unless they subjectively value what…

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Anti-American Propagandists Often Demand the Re-writing of History…

#hussein does not represent the American people

“Jan discovered the terrible nature of the ordeal she was about to endure when the Japanese told the girls that they would live in this house and be required to provide sexual services to the Japanese military. Jan felt at the time as if her whole world had collapsed. In response to their protests, the girls were told that the Japanese would treat them in any way that they pleased.

The Japanese photographed each girl and assigned her a Japanese name. The photographs were then posted on the verandah for scrutiny by any Japanese soldier who wanted to rape a Dutch girl. The girls were then told to go to the rooms in the brothel assigned to them, but they clung to each other. The house filled with Japanese soldiers, and as each girl was dragged off to a room, her humiliation was treated as a matter for laughter by the Japanese.

Eventually, Jan Ruff’s turn came. She was dragged to a bedroom by a Japanese officer who threatened to kill her with his sword if she didn’t submit to him. He tore off all her clothes, threw her on the bed, and raped her. Other soldiers were lined up waiting, and she was repeatedly raped throughout the night. She had been a virgin before the Japanese raped her.

[…] Once a week, the ten Dutch girls had to submit to a humiliating physical examination by a Japanese Army doctor who allowed Japanese soldiers to amuse themselves by watching these examinations. Jan Ruff was raped by this doctor on every occasion that he examined her.

After three months of serial rape by Japanese soldiers, the girls were told to pack their belongings. The Japanese told them that they would not be returned to the camp from which they had been taken but would go to a different camp. They were warned that they and their families would be killed if they told anyone that they had been forced to work in a Japanese Army brothel. “

Plunging Personal Income Tax Revenues Slam State Budgets In April

Awesome the job market is thriving with new jobs! YES, THEY ARE BARTENDER AND WAITRESS JOBS but hey we have #obamacare and #muslims get free shit!

“The narrative being used to paper over the real issue of the economy only producing lower paying jobs, is that the drop is being driven by less capital gains taxes, as Don Boyd, Director of Fiscal Studies at the Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, NY. puts forward:

“The kinds of income that are kind of driving this are particularly capital gains related to the stock market. If you had to find a No. 1 culprit, that’s it.”

To be sure, a flat market in 2015 hurt capital gains taxes that states collected in April. However, an even bigger reason for the dip is that despite what we’re told about strong fundamentals underlying the economy, the fact of the matter is that jobs are being created have been in low paying sectors, and jobs that were created in higher paying sectors were mostly part-time, which pay less than the average sector wage. As a reminder, since January 2015 the economy has added primarily bartender and waiter jobs.”
Tax revenues have always been a good economic indicator. From Tyler Durden at This April, personal income tax revenue fell by an average of 9.88 percent compared to the same period l…

Source: Plunging Personal Income Tax Revenues Slam State Budgets In April, by Tyler Durden

In Memoriam, 2016, by Robert Gore

This is from Robert Gore, the author of The Golden Pinnacle (a book I ordered last night).

Who are you fighting for? Me, I am fighting for my Nation because I want my three granchildren to know the same America I did!

“There are undoubtedly many epitaphs on tombstones in this country to the effect: Here lies the deceased, who died defending America, and not one that reads: Here lies the deceased, who died defending American interests. However, the latter is in most cases more accurate than the former. Who decides the interests for which members of America’s military will die? Those considering entering the military today must look beyond the slogans, contemplate the risks of being killed, wounded, dismembered, paralyzed, or psychologically traumatized, and ask themselves: why and for whom are these risks being borne? “You don’t fight for your country, you fight for your government.” Is it worth risking one’s life for the US government?”


This article was first posted last year on SLL. It will be published every Memorial Day for as long as SLL continues as a website.

You don’t fight for your country, you fight for your government.

The Golden Pinnacle, by Robert Gore

On Memorial Day, America remembers and honors those who died while serving in the military. It is altogether fitting and proper to ask: for what did they die? Do the rationales offered by the military and government officials who decide when and how the US will go to war, and embraced by the public, particularly those who lose loved ones, stand up to scrutiny and analysis? Some will recoil, claiming it inappropriate on a day devoted to honoring the dead. However, it is because war is a matter of life and death, for members of the military and, inevitably, civilians, that its putative justifications be subject to…

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Disneyland Medical? VA In World Of Hurt!

I shared this post on Kaine’s FB page but he won’t care – he and #hussein promised to help the 300+ daily homeless Vets in #NorfolkVa and instead Kaine joined hussein in protecting LGBT, transgender and #muslim #terrorist.
Kaine and hussein continue to “find” money to give to those who are non-American while the streets of Norfolk house those who have served our Nation.

Lest we forget: the fallen of World War Two

“We all know there are those out there today that are “celebrating” Memorial Day for reasons other than in remembrance of those who have sacrificed so very much.
And in as much as that is shameful; the fact that #hussein the #pResident finds it appropriate timing to essentially apologize to the enemy.”
Click on for an interactive version of this video. World War Two was in sheer numbers the greatest mass slaughter of human beings in human history.  It was an era of great heroism and…

Source: Lest we forget: the fallen of World War Two