Morning Laugh: 15 Historical Theories On How To Be Lucky

“There were two major racecar accidents in 1937, neither of which involved peanuts. Yet a NASCAR superstition claims that peanut shells were found in both wrecks, and that the mere presence of peanuts in the shell is enough to doom a driver to crash.”

The Tactical Hermit

OK, Get Ready to Laugh. #2 Kills me..can you imagine going to the hospital to see a new friend’s baby and saying something like “Your baby looks like a dog fart”…and #3 is for real:  I actually have a relative who does carry’s a raccoons penis bone with him when he goes hunting. -SF


Superstition is a fascinating thing. It tends to arise in times of turmoil or uncertainty, and it gives us a way to feel like we’re in control of a situation. But it can also be a great window into the way people think. Here are 15 surprising historical good-luck theories from around the world.


If you want to guarantee yourself a good year, you’ll need to do as Colombian people do and put on a pair of yellow underpants, inside out, on December 31. At midnight, reverse your undies…

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Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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