Lessons in the Library

“These were the incontrovertible conclusions drawn after considering the recent University of Missouri humiliations. These now repeating at other institutions of higher abasement across the country. At Princeton hoary liberal Woodrow Wilson is about to be amusingly defenestrated by his ideological offspring. And at Dartmouth, where the library was recently converted to a black panther confab. The primary expression from which being:

Fuck you, you filthy white fucks

I’m just going reach my own determination that civil war, permanent societal rending, immutable black pathologies, and ongoing trillions in futile uplift and cultural prostration represent costs in excess of the marginal labor savings enjoyed by a few wealthy plantation owners. But do you even know how much it benefited the antebellum Economy????

Though returning back to how I’m now inclined to greet liberals in the future:

Fuck you, you filthy white fuck

This being precisely how cowardice is manufactured. And often with good reason. When an explicit antipathy group can enter even Ivy League chambers with the sole purpose of racial intimidation and proceeds to physical violence without any opposition or punishment, a marker is laid. A standard is established. And disgust is buried beneath fear.

Fear not only of black savagery, but of the state’s nearly explicit sanctioning and defense of it. Would you like to know the response of Dartmouth’s administration to an act that if carried out by whites would have resulted in activation of the national guard? They apologized…to the blacks.”

Author: Lisa the Infidel

I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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