Trump vs. Jeb, by Justin Raimando

In any case, what is truly amazing is that Trump is busy demolishing the post-9/11 consensus on foreign policy within the GOP: a central pillar of the elaborate mythology that went into justifying the Iraq war is falling by the wayside, thanks to him. Not only that, but the neoconservative agenda is being met head on by Trump, who disdains US involvement in Syria – a project the liberal Democrats also support, with Hillary Clinton leading the charge.


Donald Trump has deviated from Republican orthodoxy on foreign interventionism, and the Republican establishment may throw its support to Hillary Clinton (see “The Fix Is In,” SLL, 10/21/15). From Justin Raimondo at

You may not like Donald Trump, for any one of a number of reasons, but anti-interventionists have to give him some credit for opening up the presidential debate to a critique of US foreign policy that hasn’t been seen or heard since the Ron Paul campaign. On Syria and on Iraq, he challenges the GOP/neoconservative orthodoxy in a way that Sen. Rand Paul hasn’t been able to do: indeed, one could argue that Trump has stolen Rand’s thunder – such as it is – in sounding the anti-interventionist note. And now Trump is upsetting the conventional GOP wisdom in an even more fundamental sense by challenging the “he kept us safe” theme that Jeb Bush…

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As the Washington Times points out, the numbers also show that Second Amendment supporters are more passionate than gun control advocates, given that of the 26 percent of voters who see guns as a make-or-break issue, most are significantly more likely to favor gun rights.

“Americans are inclined to believe that carrying properly permitted guns could make the country safer.”

RINO Ryan is Boehner 2.0, Except Worse, ‘MAFIOSO-STYLE’ Demands, Wants Repeal Of Thomas Jefferson Rule

“In a bizarre act of arrogance unprecedented in American political history, establishment Republican Paul Ryan has spelled out the terms under which he will accept the third highest office in our constitutional republic and they amount to nothing less than the destruction of democratic government in America,” Rasley wrote on Wednesday. “What Ryan announced to the House Republican Conference last night was a set of conditions under which he would accept the Speaker’s gavel that amount to discarding any pretense that the House of Representatives is ‘the Peoples’ House,’ as in We the People, to make it simply ‘Paul’s House.’”