Obama saves the world

God be with us 😦


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After hard negotiation, historic Iran nuclear deal reached

“VIENNA (AP) — World powers and Iran have formally announced a comprehensive nuclear accord.

Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, says, “Today is an historic day.” She said it was a great honor “for us to announce that we have reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.”


What could possibly go wrong?

After ten years Iran will be completely unchained with it’s nuke program

During the ten, they will be allowed no closer that 1 year from having a bomb

The gamble is that after ten years Iran will have reformed and will no longer want a weapons program

It also assumes that a now powerful Iran will not want to expand it’s regional power

Right now greedy investors world wide are rubbing their hands together as production facilities start humming to life in South Korea, France and…

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As We Approach The Last Battle Of The Second American Civil War…

“Woodrow Wilson was the first to openly state the Progressive agenda was to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into a democratic dictatorship modeled after Communist Russia. …
Now, instead of trying to overthrow America according to the usual Communist formula, they were working to change it from within. They switched from revolutionary tactics to that of cultural warfare. They had our schools and universities since the time of Wilson. They had been working for decades to take over from within our government bureaucracies and social institutions by infiltrating them. They had the media: news, TV, movies and the music industry. And they had the majority of our elected positions. Now they started to use their positions to openly ‘transform’ the nation by undermining the Constitution and working to re-shape the public opinions about the founding principles upon which the nation was built. Now, today, we see the result of their work in the banning of the Confederate Battle flag while championing the symbol of moral degeneracy, the rainbow flag. We have prominent people who are white insisting they are black; and others claiming that blacks cannot be black unless they act in lock-step with whatever they say it is to be black. Moral relativism permeates our society, and a vast majority of citizens now hate their own nation. Worse yet, we have flung open our borders to an invasion of illegal aliens who we then pay to come here and even give them a right to vote. And we import still other people who belong to a religious nation whose sworn duty is to destroy not only the nation as it was founded, but the Progressives who are bringing them here to help them destroy the nation. In short, insanity and chaos now rule the land that brought the rule of law to the world. Folks, if this is not a Civil War being fought in terms of culture, then I do not know what else to call it.”

The Oil for Your Lamp

As we approach the last battle of the Second American Civil War, I find myself wondering whether or not America will wake up in time to even take the field?

No, I’m not kidding about this: we have been fighting the Second American Civil War for several decades now, but the only side that knows it is the side that has been seeking to destroy this nation.  Now that they have all but succeeded and the last battle is in sight, they have come out of hiding and are operating in the clear — and America still does not see the threat!  So I have to ask my question one more time: will America wake up in time to take the field of battle before this nation is swept away by a tide of hatred and a lust to rule the world?

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Why Donald Trump Surged in the Polls (And Why It Matters), by Robert Merry

And yet I will still keep pulling for him — I am well aware of his idiosyncrasies and past but I am FURIOUS with the Established Republicans — I am FORCED to voting Republican year after year because a 3rd party is NOT going to win in this 2party nation GOP will not CAST MY vote in 2016!

“Donald Trump is not a pleasant man. He is egotistical, vain, bombastic, often mean-spirited. He revels in his financial superiority, which he conflates with human goodness.”


By now, it is conventional wisdom that the Republicans must embrace some sort of immigration reform to raise their percentage with the expanding Hispanic population. However, Ann Coulter’s anti-immigration Adios America is finding a wide audience, and Donald Trump drew attention, condemnation, and enough Republican support to now rank one or two in various polls with his anti-immigration stance. Here’s a conundrum for Republicans. Shoot down Trump and nominate Jeb Bush or any other pro-reform Republican, and for every Hispanic vote you might pick up, you will probably lose a Trump vote. Those who are either supporting or are sympathetic to Trump’s point of view are motivated not just by hostility to illegal immigration, but to the Republican establishment itself, which is very clearly trying to jam Bush down their throats. Sure, as this article states, Trump will probably crash and burn, but the immigration issue is not going away. The anti-establishment…

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He Said That? 7/12/15

W.H. Auden, Anglo-American poet, 1907-1973: The Unknown Citizen

Is this the “silent majority”


From W.H. Auden, Anglo-American poet, 1907-1973:

The Unknown Citizen
(To JS/07 M 378
This Marble Monument
Is Erected by the State)

He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be
One against whom there was no official complaint,
And all the reports on his conduct agree
That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a saint,
For in everything he did he served the Greater Community.
Except for the War till the day he retired
He worked in a factory and never got fired,
But satisfied his employers, Fudge Motors Inc.
Yet he wasn’t a scab or odd in his views,
For his Union reports that he paid his dues,
(Our report on his Union shows it was sound)
And our Social Psychology workers found
That he was popular with his mates and liked a drink.
The Press are convinced that he bought a paper every day

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Eight mile long convoy of pick up trucks turns out to support fling the confederate flag in Ocala Florida

I have never cared either for or against the Rebel Flag UNTIL the liberals made me HAVE to!


“An eight-mile convoy of pickups, motorcycles and cars wound through a central Florida town on Sunday in a show of support for the Confederate flag, as a backlash against its banishment from public landmarks across the South picks up steam.

Horns blared and hundreds of the rebel flags fluttered as more than 1,500 vehicles and some 4,500 people turned out for the “Florida Southern Pride Ride” in Ocala, according to police estimates. Vehicles from states across the South and as far away as California participated.

“That flag has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people,” said David Stone, 38, who organized the event. “It doesn’t symbolize hate unless you think it’s hate – and that’s your problem, not mine.”

In Ocala, the seat of Marion County, an administrator had ordered the Confederate flag’s removal from a government complex. But last week county leaders overruled the order…

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The Shooting Drill You’re Probably Not Doing Enough…Or Correct.


(I finally got some range time in tonight, after not getting to shoot much during the moving process. Spent a half-hour at 100 meters, doing nothing but this drill, with the AR and the AK. It’s one that seems mind-numbingly boring and basic, and a lot of really qualified guys hate it, because it’s been so abused and misused for so long, by so many. That’s too bad though, because–done properly–it really is probably the single most important practical, combat shooting drill you can do. –JM)

As I watched the “tactical shooting” training industry take off in the middle of the last decade, one of the things I found bemusing was the trend to get away from simple “Snap Shot” drills, often derided as “UP!” drills, after the shooter command of “Shooter, ready? And….UP!” I watched as guys coming out of different units, both SOF and Big Green, did…

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