The Outstretched Hand By Motti Inbari

Amen – Where ever I stand, I stand with Israel! The Apple of my Gods eye!

Timothy Burt

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

As many of my readers know, I am the  Minnesota State
Director for Christians United for Israel. I was recently sent this article by one of my friends – a Rabbi in my community. It blessed me more than I can say that our love for the Jewish people and Israel is being understood and that this love comes without any motive other than love for those from which are our spiritual heritage proceeded from.

The Outstretched Hand By Motti Inbari

Last week, my family and I celebrated the first night of Passover in our current hometown—Lumberton, North Carolina (population: 22,000). We have lived here since 2009, when I took a position as an assistant professor of religion at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. We are the only Israelis in town and, as far as I know, he only Jews (though there was once a small community here). But it’s not…

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I am an #Infidel - born and bred North Carolina.

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